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Invest in a College Home. Invest in your College Student’s Future!

The latest trend we are seeing from investment savvy parents is purchasing a home/condo for their college student as an investment for their family.

Instead of spending money on inflating rents or college dorms, they are providing a secure environment for their student to live and in most cases having the roommate(s) paying off part of THEIR mortgage!

Student Benefits: * Home Life Stability * Credit History * Reliable Parking

Parent Benefits: * Tax benefits * Long Term Appreciation * Rental Income

For the large out of pocket expense it takes for rent or dorm fees it is in your best interest to at least consider the option of owning. After tax write-offs and possible appreciation you could be able to OWN property in “America’s Finest City” for close to the SAME cost as renting. Now that’s something to think about!

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